Mentoring vs. Role-Modeling an Excerpt

From Leadership and Role Modeling: Understanding Workplace DynamicsChapter: Role Modeling as an Alternative to Mentoring for Career Development Outcomes The development of professionals is often times left to the devices of the individual. We can see that with formal mentoring programs for major organizations capping at approximately ten percent (Dobbin, F., Kalev, 2016) professionals are […]

Workplace Culture

As an organization are you aware of the type of work environment/culture that you are creating for your team members? You might feel as if your work environment is excellent: you pay above average compensation, benefits are exemplary, and you have a state-of-the art workspace. However, you are experiencing high turnover, an increase in sick […]

The New Normal: Workplace Violence

The New Normal: Workplace Violence4 Process Tracks on Increasing Employee Safety As lawmakers continue to battle over gun legislation the rest of society suffer the consequences of gun violence, often times, from individuals that legally should not have a gun in their possession. The latest workplace violence incident happened at Pratt Industries located in Aurora, […]