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facilitate listening tours

development of diversity action plans

support in building employee resource groups

diversity training

support with senior leadership teams

assist in building talent ACQUISITION strategy

leadership development options

connectivity options


Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Action Plans

At the DEI Institute, we collaborate with team leaders and members to design a measurable action-oriented short and long-term diversity, equity and inclusion strategy. It is essential that the organization’s DEI strategy compliments and reinforces both the organization business and human resources strategy. If there is a plan in place our consultants will conduct a full assessment and make necessary modifications to any existing plan.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

The DEI Institute offers a full array of diversity specific training options including: Unconscious/Implicit Bias, Anti-Bullying, Microaggressions, Fostering an Inclusive Climate and Mentor/Mentee. These training can also be tailored to compliment a micro-learning format.

Talent Management & Talent Acquisition Strategy

Many organizations struggle in implementing a strategy that will not only attract but retain diverse talent to their organization. At the DEI Institute we will build or modify your existing talent acquisition strategy to ensure there are consistent processes across all levels, determine leadership gaps as well as build out creative employee referral program options.

Leadership Development

Assist the organization determine both global and core leadership competencies to accelerate the organization and human resources business strategy. Once developed this will directly align with the talent management and talent acquisition strategy.

Listening Tours

It is imperative that team members at all levels within an organization have an opportunity to share stories regarding race, diversity, adversity, opportunity and hope. These sessions are conducted by a trained facilitator; allowing team members to be free to express themselves in a non-judgmental and safe environment.

Senior Leadership & Team Coach Support

Having support and sponsorship in the execution of the organization diversity strategy helps makes the transition from a strategy to a seamless part of the culture. This is accomplished through coaching, communication planning and team message building.

Employee Resource Groups

ERG’s consist of volunteers from all levels and functions within an organization to provide feedback and impact the diversity strategy. At the DEI institute, we partner with organizations in identifying, selecting and developing ERG Leaders and Sponsors.

Connectivity Options, Community & Association Engagement

At the DEI Institute, we will assist leaders, ERG groups and team members collectively determine which social organizations and/or associations they are interested in supporting that aligns with their mission, vision, values and diversity strategy.

Frequently asked questions

Here are 11 areas where diversity and inclusion positively impacts any organization irrespective of size, for-profit or non-profit, start-up or established.

The DEI Consulting Institute is equipped to partner with any organization if there are dedicated human resources or diversity team members in place or not. We partner with all levels within the organization to enhance and compliment the current business and human resources strategy.  

This is precisely why the DEI Consulting Institute is the best solution to discover, design and develop your DEI strategy.

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